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Saying Good Bye in the Strangest Places

Saying goodbye to my husband hasn’t gotten easier over the years. It’s just gotten weirder.

It used to be that I said goodbye to him in the privacy of our own home. A kiss and a hug, a promise to call once I arrived, and I’d be out the front door and on my way to the airport.

Those days are gone as my husband travels a great deal himself. This morning we said our private goodbyes – very publicly – on a Hertz rental car bus at O’Hare in Chicago, parting our ways due to different terminals. When the other riders saw us share a few kisses and hugs at 6am in the morning, we being a mature couple, I’m sure at least one semi-awake person was thinking, “Get a room!”

But when we’re going our separate ways, we have to make do with the situation. And yes, we keep our farewells rated somewhere between ‘G’ and ‘PG-13.’

We’ve said our goodbyes in taxis at the airport terminals, on trains and trams, in elevators and TSA lines, in airport club lounges and restaurants, at a deli, at the gate for a flight (too many times to count) and even while sitting on a plane together before takeoff. What, say goodbye sitting next to each other on a plane? This was very weird.

Both of us had first class upgrades on our way home from Las Vegas. How exciting – a rare flight actually sitting next to my husband, the first time all year!  But it was not to be. The gate agent needed volunteers to come off due to weight restrictions related to Las Vegas heat. He volunteered; I didn’t. So we said our loving goodbyes while seated in Row 1. He disembarked for an extra night in Sin City while I settled in, now with no seat mate, heading east to the home of the happiest place on earth.

But it’s not always goodbyes. We also like to meet up in various cities. These meet-ups in random cities around the world are always fun but of course, they come with the inevitable goodbyes at the end.

It hasn’t gotten any easier to say goodbye even though we do it every week. It’s even harder when it’s a rushed goodbye as the rental car bus stops, a crowd standing in front of us.

If you happen to see a couple as they’re saying goodbye for yet another separation, please smile and be patient. Or stop and say hello. It may be us!


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