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Featured Smart Women Traveler: Jamie Rose

Why are you on the road and how often do you travel?

I am fortunate to travel both domestically and internationally for my job with Momenta Workshops. I am on the road at least one week every month and, during workshops, I am traveling for up to a month or more in foreign countries.

Where else do you like to visit and do you use any travel websites to help you?

I love our National Parks in the United States! Thanks to my parents who took me to the woods in Pennsylvania and Ohio often as a child, I have a deep love of the great outdoors. Sitting by the fire with good friends, a great glass of wine and the stars overhead is sheer bliss for me.

My favorite spots for relaxation, adventure and wonderful scenery in the United States are the Eastern Shore of Virginia, the great city of New Orleans, a small cabin on Lake Milton, Ohio and Big Sky country in Montana are some of my favorite vacation spots. Overseas, I highly recommend the archipelago of Lamu, Kenya and the villages along Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma).

I’m a huge fan of and When researching new trips and locales for Momenta, I rely heavily on forums and discussion groups to get around all the marketing pitches and find the real story from real travelers. The Lonely Planet and the Trip Advisor blogs are very helpful to give you what places to avoid, what restaurants are a must-see, what hotels are worth the price and so much more valuable information. I also check with the State Department warnings and I read local newspapers’ archives to find out more about the region.

What are some of your travel challenges you would like to reduce?

I feel like the lines at airport security could be avoided if more travelers would be savvy in their packing and preparation. I keep my laptop in it’s own zipper pocket so I don’t have to unpack anything to remove it. I always wear slip on shoes when I’m flying, try to avoid wearing belts and keeping anything in my pockets. These little steps help me breeze through security.

In the Memphis airport, they have a wonderful spa with short massages for weary travelers at a very affordable price. After a long delay and layover there, my tension melted away for less than $30 for a shoulder, neck, back and foot massage. I wish every airport could make these offerings this affordable and convenient!

What are some Pearls of Travel Wisdom you would like to share with other women travelers?

Flying Tips: Whenever I get on a flight, I usually have 3 things with me no matter what: my iPod, a book and an REI inflatable neck pillow. On a long-haul flight, my SCOTTe Vest is a godsend. I can keep a toothbrush and toothpaste, Origins Peace of Mind lotion, Advil, Vitamin C lozenges, book, iPod, sunglasses, cell phone and neck pillow in the pockets and no one even knows what’s inside!

Airport Tips: Get out and explore! Don’t just camp out at the gate for your whole layover. Walking increases your circulation and you can find little gems in other terminals. Take advantage of long layover by getting out and visiting the city. Just make sure you time how long it takes to get back to the airport so you’re not late. And always be nice to the airport and security personnel. They don’t make the rules, they just have to carry them out.

Safety Tips: Say goodbye to your purse and learn to love a wallet. It’s much harder to steal or lose. Take a photo of where you parked or your hotel room number with your phone so you can find it quickly. Photocopy the front and back of all you travel info, credit cards and passport and leave with a trusted source back home. Keep a secure copy with you as well. Buy an extra car charger for your phone and leave it in your briefcase or travel bag. Having your phone die while on a deserted road is a terrible thing for a lone woman.

Travel Bliss: Enjoy the journey, enjoy the culture, enjoy the travel! Learn how to say “hello,” “thank you” & “how are you?” in the local language. Try new foods. Explore the local customs. Take lots of pictures of what you’re seeing and don’t forget to photograph yourself too.

– Jamie Rose, Director of Workshops for Momenta, photographer and educator, based in the Washington, DC area. I am in charge of our travel photography workshop educational programs which take place all over the world.

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Any other info you’d like to share….

With my trusty camera in tow, I have traveled to some of the most dangerous and most luxurious places in the world. I have slept on cots in refugee camps and on designer sheets at five star hotels. I’ve seen the best and worst of some countries and met saints and sinners. Even still, the urge to travel and the need for exploration and cultural understanding is still ever-present for me. The gift of the being a traveller is the journey’s exploration. When I feel like complaining, I remember I could be stuck at home with nothing to look forward to. I’ve learned to embrace the long lines, crowded planes and rude people because I know I’m on the path to a new adventure. We who get to travel are the lucky ones! So I say, embrace the chaos of travel and revel in it. A new adventure is around the corner!

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