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Hair Care on the Road – Do You or Don’t You?

I couldn’t wait to get home after my multi-week business trip. The main reason? To have an all-important Saturday morning meet-up with Elaine, my hair stylist.

There are many things I’ll do while I am out of town rather than wait for my return home: see a doctor if I am feeling ill, get my nails done or book time with a fitness coach. But there is one thing I never do while on that road, and that’s to let someone other than Elaine cut my hair!

Elaine and I meet about every five or six weeks, depending on my travel schedule. She’s very accommodating with the precious few days I have at home each month. When I’m desperate and must, must, must have my hair cut before getting on a plane again, she’ll meet me early on a Saturday morning, late on a Sunday afternoon or at any other time that fits my schedule. For this alone, she has my loyalty! She even works around my Bluetooth headset when I need to be on a conference call while I’m sitting in her chair.

There are other traveling women, however, who enjoy the fun of having a new hair designer in a new city. It can be fun to try a hip new salon, especially in a big city like New York or L.A.

Many consultants who travel to the same city week after week actually have a stylist in their temporary town. They set up repeat appointments for as long as their assignment lasts. This saves them the time of getting their hair done when they’re only at home a few days a week. That can actually be very smart to save time when at home.

There are stylist search sites online. I wrote about Wahanda in Bad Hair Day and You’re Out of Town? Another site is You can also engage the help of a hotel concierge to request a hair stylist near your hotel or business.

If you do use the services of an out of town stylist, you may not want to let them know you’re from out of town until after they’re done with your hair! There may be some less than professional stylists out there who will skimp on the quality if they know they’ll never see you again. If you do mention you’re not local, at least say that you’ll be in town multiple times over the next several months and will be in need of a great stylist.

And if you’re ever in need of a great hair style when in Orlando, let me know and I’ll connect you with Elaine!

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