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Guaranteed Relaxation – In As Little As 24 Hours!

Is it possible to totally relax with just a one night getaway? Oh yes!

I was in-between weeks of international travel, scheduled to be home for less than 48 hours. I should have used these few hours to go through piled up mail, catch up with errands and get laundry done. Instead, I packed an overnight bag and headed towards water!

We started the afternoon with a drive along Daytona Beach Shores, where I dreamed of having a home along the ocean as we passed by each beachfront abode. Relaxation began with lunch at Miss Genevieve’s Lighthouse Landing, across the street from the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. Outdoor seating overlooking the intercoastal waterway, amidst several other diners who didn’t seem to have a care in the world other than what to order for lunch, and I could feel the stress of real life start to melt away.

After a stroll over to the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse to walk off a few of the fried clams from Miss Genevieve’s, we headed north on South Atlantic Avenue. The Shores Resort in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida would be our host for the night in a beachfront room and dinner at Azure, the resort’s onsite restaurant.

More stress melted away as we entered their lobby. Dark woods, sofas tucked away in quiet alcoves and a fireplace had us picking out where we’d enjoy an evening glass of wine and read the morning newspaper. A peak into the bar and restaurant, followed by a glimpse through the glass doors leading out to the pool and beach, had us already saying we love The Shores and we hadn’t even gotten to our room!

I stay in 50 or more hotel rooms each year and I can’t recall a color palette as inviting and warm as that in our room at The Shores. Blue, gold and red walls, along with a white-curtained king bed, and I was ready to move in!

Being along the water is what I love the most, and this hotel room did not disappoint. Two chairs on the balcony overlooked the pool, outdoor bar and fire pits of The Shores, along with the vast beach of the Atlantic Ocean. A few cars drove along the beach on this Saturday afternoon, while afternoon swimmers walked back to their beach chairs with snacks from the tiki bar. While my husband headed out to explore more of the resort, I went straight to the balcony to relax and start breathing in the ocean smells.

I had a late afternoon appointment in the spa. I justified both a massage and a facial by telling myself how hard I’ve been working lately and they were much deserved. (I can justify anything to myself when it’s in my favor!) An 80-minute hot stone massage followed by another 80 minutes of an amazing facial and I thought I had gone to heaven! I can’t remember how long it has been since I’ve felt so relaxed.

Somehow my liquid legs got me back to our hotel room, as we had dinner plans that I didn’t want to miss! The evening was a bit cool, but we asked for an outdoor table at Azure. It was the perfect choice for a unhurried dinner where my husband and I could catch up with each other after being apart for a few weeks. Ribeye and Filet Mignon, along with glasses of red wine and a warm loaf of cheese and rosemary bread, made for a wonderful dinner that had us talking about bringing our kids back for a special occasion.

Without an ounce of stress left in my body after this wonderful dinner, we grabbed our sweaters and headed down to the beach. It was impossible to believe that I was flying home from a business trip less than 18 hours earlier. A good hour walk, hand-in-hand with my husband and under a full moon lighting up the Atlantic, and we were ready to call it a day. Or so we thought.

Once back in our room and reviewing other hotel offerings, including all the ingredients to make Smores at their fire pits, and we headed back to the lobby. A selection of free movies for use in the in-room DVD player was available, so we asked for a movie for the evening. The fireplace was lit, so before heading back to the room we sank into a nearby sofa to watch the flames.

The day was so full, the air so fresh, the food and wine so great; we lasted for all of 10 minutes of the movie before falling asleep to the sound of the ocean waves.

After an early morning sunrise for my husband (and a late morning sleep for me) we again headed to Azure for an outdoor dining table. It was time for a bit of business talk, but it was all the more relaxing alongside the pool with an endless cup of coffee. We were easing back into real life …

We said goodbye to our room at The Shores less than 24 hours after we had arrived. It was the most wonderful and relaxing 24 hours that I have spent in months and months. If I didn’t have to get home to unpack and repack for a 4:30am departure to the airport for another business trip, I couldn’t have been pulled away from this resort.

While our visit wasn’t long in hours, it was amazingly full in relaxation. I cannot wait to go back again. Next time for more than one night!

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