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Photo of the Week: Two Different Worlds Above and Below the Clouds

I never get tired of enjoying the scenery in the sky. A stunning sunset that lights up the heavens in a deep orange, a full moon that shines its reflection off the wing of the plane, or flying through thick cotton-ball clouds are simply amazing.

For this an aisle seat is great. Gazing out the plane’s window can be very peaceful and a time of reflection as we stare out at the wonderment of nature.

I had such a flight yesterday. We circled high above the Aberdeen, Scotland airport for 90 minutes while we waited for the airport to open. It had closed down for all inbound and outbound flights due to snow. You’d never know by the photo on the left that there was a blizzard going on below.

By the time we broke the clouds and headed down, it was snow everywhere. The wings were flapping crazily in the blustery winds, sleet was whipping past the windows. In seemingly an instant, in a few thousand feet, everything changed. Goodbye sunset, hello wintry weather.

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