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Featured Smart Women Traveler: Susan Bodack

Why are you on the road and how often do you travel?

I currently work for a company called, which is an online retailer specializing in designer swimwear, beachwear and accessories. In our industry, it’s extremely important to travel to different beach towns around the world in order to analyze the different trends in swimwear and to stay on top of the game. I travel as much as time and money allow, which is usually about 3-5 times out of the year.

Where else do you like to visit and do you use any travel websites to help you?

Although I love to explore the beaches of the world, I also enjoy the adventure of exploring big cities. I love TripAdvisor, Expedia, and Jetsetter.

What are some of your travel challenges you would like to reduce?

I absolutely hate the long lines at airport security. I understand that the need for safely and security are at an all time high, but sometimes I end up standing in line for hours! I think a lot of this has to do with people packing and dressing incorrectly for the airport. I always seem to get stuck behind that one person with tons of full bottles of liquids or that person with complicated lace-up boots!

What are some Pearls of Travel Wisdom you would like to share with other women travelers?

No matter where you travel to, don’t forget to pack a swimsuit!  Your hotel may surprise you with a hot tub, Jacuzzi or indoor pool, and you never know where your travel adventures may take you.

-Susan Bodack, Philadelphia, PA ( online store) (company fan page that I manage) (company twitter account that I manage)

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