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Photo of the Week: Oia, Santorini Greece

Santorini is tops in my bucket list for an extended visit, a long working vacation. I visited Santorini as a cruise stop when on the Emerald Princess, so I only had one day to enjoy a place that I’ve dreamed about forever. The dreams have only been enhanced now that I’ve been there and I can’t wait to get back!

Oia, pronounced ‘ee-a’ is the most famous village on Santorini. It is known for its fantastic sunsets and quiet life. It is definitely the most beautiful and picturesque village of Santorini. It is a traditional Greek village of charming houses on narrow and steep streets, blue domed churches and sun-bathed verandas. Plenty of art galleries, tourist shops, cafes and tavernas fill the streets. Donkeys are the ‘trucks’ of Oia, carting cases of beer, wine and food to the local establishments.

It is in Oia that I will find an apartment for a multi-month stay. Mornings will be spent shopping at local markets for freshly-caught fish, local vegetables and cheeses. I will be writing for Smart Women Travelers during the afternoons and late evenings. At dusk, you’ll find me enjoying a glass of Greek wine (from grapes actually grown on the island of Santorini) on the veranda watching as the sun sets each evening. My husband, wine glass temporarily set aside, will be taking photo after photo as the sun dips into the ocean. It’s a view that I’ll never tire of. We’ll then grill the freshly caught fish or walk down the narrow cobblestone streets to enjoy a dinner in a local taverna, and speak to the locals in my growing Greek vocabulary. When will this vision of my Santorini visit become reality? 2012 is the plan, since this year’s calendar has already been filling in.

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