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Sights from Oslo: A Quick Visit

Even with business travel, it’s wonderful when you can take some time to explore the city you’re visiting. Not sure what to see or do? There are usually helpful ideas, maps and schedules at these places:

  • Local tourist office
  • Your hotel’s concierge or front desk
  • Online site for the local visitor and convention bureau
  • Online at TripAdvisor or similar sites with user-provided content
  • Social media (Twitter is great for sending out a tweet as to what to do in a city for the hours you have available)

You’ll find that there are always more things to do than you have time for. Select a place or two of interest, try out some local food and beverage and be happy with the opportunity to explore.

Here are a few scenes from a half-day I had after a business meeting to discover Oslo, Norway. The weather was perfect for walking around Oslo on a beautiful spring day. It’s a city I hope to visit again.

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