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Business Travel Innovation Awards 2011 – Who Will be the Winner?

An award is being given this week at the annual Global Business Travel Association’s (GBTA) convention in Denver for the best Business Travel Innovation product or service. Thirteen semi-finalists each had five minutes to present their product or service to a panel of judges.

In the order presented:

  1. AirPlus International – Carbon Offset for CO2-neutral business travel
  2. Canon – PIXMA iP100 Mobile Printer
  3. CIBT – CIBT Travel Visa Widget
  4. ExpertFlyer – Seat Alerts
  5. GateGuru – In-airport tool/guide
  6. Hertz OnDemand
  7. Hertz NeverLost Gen5
  8. Hipmunk – Unique visual experience for booking flights and hotels
  9. – Fast and easy access to prices for limousine and chauffeured transportation services
  10. MileBlaster – Personalized tracking and calculation of frequent flyer miles and rewards points
  11. Navigon – MobileNavigator
  12. Novatel Wireless – Sprint MiFi 3G/4G Intelligent Mobile Hotspot
  13. Sabre – Sabre Hotel RFP – an automated service that brings corporations and agencies together with hotels

Which products or services get my vote?

CIBT – CIBT Travel Visa Widget – This is an easy way to see what visas and other travel requirements exist when traveling to another country.

ExpertFlyer – Seat Alerts – I’ve been a subscriber to ExpertFlyer but I never tried out their Seat Alerts until I heard about this feature. I don’t need this often, so it wouldn’t be a reason for me to subscribe to ExpertFlyer, but it’s a nice feature since I am a subscriber.

Hertz OnDemand – for those times when you need a rental car for a short time and don’t want to pay for a full day of a car and airport fees.

Hipmunk – My son has been using Hipmunk to search for his airline tickets … now it’s time for Mom to try it out. Besides, I love their logo. – A great service for booking a car service when you previously had no idea who to book from, with driver credentials verified – and at reasonable rates.

Novatel Wireless – Sprint MiFi 3G/4G Intelligent Mobile Hotspot – I have a similar MiFi 3G/4G device and love it for its reliability, small size and ability to allow my family or friends to also share in the mobile hotspot.

This is why GBTA didn’t select me as a judge … I wouldn’t have been able to select just one winner!

For the full list of contenders, see

The final, final finalist of this year’s Business Travel Innovation Award will be announced at GBTA on their final day (appropriate, ay?) on Wednesday August 24, 2011.

I’ll update you after the winning announcement has been made.

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