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I see London, I see France … I see Ladies Underpants!

What can happen when the zippers of your luggage come undone or your bag gets ripped open? Your knickers can be seen by all as they go ’round and ’round the conveyor belt, while you stand there with eyes lowered, pretending they’re not yours!

I’ve seen bras, panties, men’s shirts, blue jeans and towels all circling the conveyor belts at various times waiting for my bag to be delivered. The towels looked to have hotel monograms on them, so the person who crammed them into their suitcase at their end of their trip had to claim their loot in front of many witnesses (serves them right!). But the owners of the undies and apparel shouldn’t have had to be mortified as their garb was publicly displayed.

What are ways to avert this happening to you?

  • Buy quality luggage. You don’t need to spend $500 or more on a bag, but avoid the Complete 4-Piece Set of Luggage for $69.00 that can get ripped open on the first trip. You generally get what you pay for. Read the reviews on the luggage you’re considering before you buy. Especially pay attention to comments about the zippers as well as the wheels.
  • Fasten the zippers on your luggage so that they have a significantly less chance of being pulled open. You can use a TSA-approved lock for this or this simple method that hasn’t failed me yet:A simple twist-tie.  I use the ones that come with a box of plastic garbage bags.  I connect the zippers, loop through the twist tie, twist it up a few times and the zippers stay shut.  It’s also a deterrent to someone opening the bag when it will take them time to untwist the thing.  This is a very inexpensive alternative to a TSA-approved lock and it’s easy to carry a few extras in my bag for that time when one comes up missing or becomes unraveled over time.Plastic cable ties or a small metal key ring also do the trick.
  • Use a luggage strap that wraps around the entire bag, such as the wide yellow strap shown in this photo on the bag right behind the knicker display.

So before you check your bag on your next trip, check that the zippers are secure. Or you may be the next one to find your checkered undies going ’round and ’round.

In the meantime, I’m waiting for the owner of these undies to make claim. I may be waiting awhile. (And NO, they’re not mine!)

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