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Goldilocks Finds a Perfect Bed in Singapore!

When I visit a hotel for the first time, I always ask myself “If this was a hotel I had to stay in week after week for business, would I stay at this hotel?” If the room is great, but the fitness center is poor, the answer is No. If the walls are thin and I can hear the conversation or activities next door, that’s a definite deal-killer. If the onsite restaurant menu has a variety of choices and a chef who will prepare to my liking, then the vote may be Yes. If there are things to do that get me out of my hotel room, all the better. My standards aren’t unreasonable … clean and comfy and quiet room, more than just a treadmill and stepper, and a decent onsite restaurant for when I don’t feel like going out. Oh, and good wi-fi that works all the time! Add in a chair and ottoman, great for reading or being on my laptop, and I’m sold for sure!

I often feel like Goldilocks searching for just the right bed and all its fixings.

Well, I’m happy to report that Goldilocks has achieved success!

A friend recommended the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore. While not a place that I’ll be traveling to for business very often (unfortunately!), it is a wonderful place for first-time and repeating guests to stay.

What makes this hotel fit my Goldilocks standard? You can say it all started with Hello when I first entered my room:

  • Large bathroom with a walk-in shower and stand-alone bath tub, decent towels and good lighting
  • Thick shampoo and conditioner
  • Chaise lounge, perfect for reading in the evening
  • A balcony where I can open the doors to let the fresh air in (ok, so the air is a bit humid here) with flowers on the balcony!
  • Wireless internet where I can have both my phone and laptop online, with no drops in connection
  • Easy access to a good number of electrical outlets
  • Quiet from the neighboring rooms … even with the balcony doors open

Add to this:

  • A fitness center with lots of machines and a bonus drop-dead gorgeous view of the city
  • A spa with a full menu of services
  • Onsite restaurants that offer lots of variety
  • A connected shopping mall with numerous upscale stores as well as a grocery store, wine store, pharmacy and food court
  • A casino for when I feel a few bucks burning a hole in my pocket
  • Theaters , a museum and ice skating rink
  • A skydeck that I could live at, including an affinity pool, hot tubs, outdoor dining and lush greenery – all from the 57th floor overlooking the city.
  • Nearby vicinity to the business district, tons of shopping and a free shuttle bus to/from the airport.

Can you see why I call this “Success”? There is so much to do here that it would take many visits to say that you’ve eaten in every restaurant and enjoyed every amenity.

It’s such a shame I’m only here for three nights. I definitely need to find a reason to get back here again. Lucky are those who can stay here for repeated business travel, meetings and conventions, and especially a leisurely holiday.

While my minimum room requirements haven’t changed, this sure pushes the bar up higher.

The Marina Bay Sands definitely gets 5 stars from Goldilocks!

Rates for a deluxe room: SG$489.00. Compare to nearby Marriott SG$420.00, Ritz Carlton SG$550, Hilton SG $391.

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