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Know How Far Your Travels Take You with Flight Memory

During the countless time spent in security lines, have you ever wondered to yourself how many miles you’ve traveled, or how many times you’ve flown between two cities? Flight Memory can keep track of your trips and display fun graphs and interesting statistics of your travels.

Flight Memory is free to use. Once you create an account, you can input all of your future or past flight information. How much you input is up to you, so you can detail all the information you have (Continental Flight 1586, Leaving IAH at 7:00 PM, Arriving MCO at 10:15PM, Jan. 6, 2012, on a Boeing 757, sitting in First Class with a window seat for a business trip) or you can just put in what you can remember (I flew from Orlando to Houston on January 2nd) and Flight Memory will take care of the rest.

It can be a bit laborious to put in all of your previous flights, especially for the well-traveled, but if you are a numbers nut then the payoff is worth it. Not only can you keep track of your longest and shortest flights (in terms of distance and duration), but you can find out how your travel mileage stacks up to the circumference of the Earth or the distance to the Moon. It can also tell you, if you don’t already know, your most frequent airports and routes taken. Automatic tweets can be sent with your flight info if you so desire.

But the coolest feature of this site is the poster you can have made of your travels. You can spring for a personalized world map documenting all of your trips and statistics. Show off all of the cities and countries you’ve conquered!

Flight Memory is free to sign up and is a great way to put all of your travels in perspective.

For even more features, FlightMemory’s premium membership is $39 per year with other plans available. This gives you tons more stats, zoomable maps of the world, tracking of your full journeys (car rentals, for example) to compare costs amongst trips, access to the mobile version of FlightMemory for your phone, private mail to chat with other flyers, the ability to create pdf files for printing or archiving, plus more features.

Since the year has just begun, it’s a good time to start recording your flights for 2012.

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