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Starting All Over Again

With the New Year comes a feeling of new beginnings – a time when we focus anew on health, relationships, wealth, and career. We plow into January with enthusiasm for the ways we’re going to improve our life. But other new beginnings happen also, whether we want them to or not.

Airline year-to-date status mileage amounts get reset to zero.

The number of hotel nights stayed gets reset to zero.

The number of rental car occurrences gets zapped.

We have to start all over again.

It’s pretty much a feeling of getting knocked down a mountain, looking up at the peak from the bottom and knowing you have to climb up all over again.

Not the type of new beginning that gets us excited – more like depressed instead.

For many of us, the previous year needed an extra month or two. You may have been oh so close to reaching a certain status level with an airline or hotel and now you’re sent back to Start.

This reminds me of the game of Parcheesi, when your token is almost home and you see the possibility of winning … when with a quick shake of the dice by your opponent, they land on your token and it gets sent back to the beginning to start the round-the-board trek again. Or how about Monopoly, when you’re just about ready to pass Go and collect $200 and instead get sent to jail? Okay, so resetting our yearly accruals isn’t that bad! But it does sort of feel like landing on Luxury Tax instead of Boardwalk or Park Place.

For others travelers, it was a squeaker in 2011 to reach status and you may have had to do a mileage or mattress run to reach your desired airline or hotel goal. I was in this category. I was 4,000 miles short of reaching 1K status on United/Continental. The day after Christmas, while many of you were celebrating Boxing Day, I was on a plane to LA for a same-day round trip mileage run to wrap up the year at their 1K level.

For the rest of you, it was either a matter of smooth sailing to your desired status level or you were so far away that it just didn’t matter. You might even be enjoying the fresh start of the yearly accruals.

Regardless of where you finished the year, we’re all at the same spot now …. Back to zero and starting over again (unless you have rollover mileage on Delta or rollover nights on Marriott or any other travel companies offering rollover). You may be wondering how this year will be for award accrual. Will you be traveling more? Traveling less? Switching travel providers?

While you excitedly move forward in your life’s new beginnings for 2012, take a gander over at the many travel blogs over at and see what deals and promotions they are talking about. You may just find one or two that you want to set your sights on. And you’ll start to get excited about the New Year’s travel award possibilities.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and prosperous travel New Year!

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