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Simple Hotel Amenities for a Great Stay

I’ve stayed in countless hotels over my now 27 years of business travel – and I still love entering a hotel room for the first time to check out what it has to offer. And it’s often the simple things that make the stay the most pleasant. For example:

Last week I stayed at the Hyatt Orlando International Airport because a cancelled flight grounded me overnight. To stay right in the airport hotel is so convenient, especially when the early morning flight is VERY early! Though what I really liked at this Hyatt were several things:

  • Easy to access power outlets at the desk;
  • Free toothpaste waiting for me in the bathroom;
  • A really comfy leather chair with ottoman. It’s the ottoman that really makes me say ‘Ahhh’ as I’d much prefer to work in a comfy chair vs. the desk. There was just one thing missing … I should’ve brought up a glass of wine from the hotel bar to enjoy as I relaxed in this chair;
  • Ceiling fan – great for sleeping when it gets warm overnight under the comforter.

Nothing fancy about any of this, and it’s not due to my status (or lack thereof) at Hyatt. It’s a hotel I’d like to stay at more but just don’t have the opportunity typically.

The next night I began a multi-day at the JW Marriott in Houston. This time I got upgraded to a very nice suite but that’s not what got me excited about this hotel. Again, it’s the little things that I like:

  • JW’s new line of shampoo, conditioner, wash and lotion: Aromatherapy Associates. Between the scents of rosemary and lavender, I’m liking this new line! Even with my long, thick hair the shampoo is so concentrated that it’ll last several days;
  • Above-average towels. Not the top of the line, but definitely decent enough for a co-worker to want to steal them! (No, she didn’t, but she was tempted!)
  • A clock radio with an iPhone/iPod charger. Great for overnight charging when your phone is also your alarm clock.

Other simple things that get me excited about a hotel room:

–Decent in-room coffee. Starwood gets a thumb’s-up here with their Starbucks packets. I haven’t found another hotel coffee that I like anywhere close to what Starwood offers.
–Liquid creamers. I hate the powdered stuff.
–Cotton swaps and cotton balls.
–Low-light or night-light in the bathroom. Great for pre-dawn walks to the bathroom.

I hope my thrill of a new hotel room never ends. It’s fun to slide the key into the door, flip on the light and find out what adventure awaits! And it doesn’t need to be fancy.

What simple hotel room offerings do you love?

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