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Do you know someone who has had their laptop stolen? I do. And not just one person but unfortunately many and most had it stolen while traveling.

Does the thought of having your laptop disappear instill terror? Think about its contents: documents for business, photos of family and friends, financial records, passwords, and so much more.

Now, LoJack for Laptops by Absolute Software helps users remotely lock, delete files, locate and recover a stolen laptop and protect the data contained within.

Key features include:

  • Lock – Remotely disable laptops or display custom lock out messages, ensuring information remains secure.
  • Delete – Remotely erase sensitive data, greatly reducing the risk of identity theft.
  • Locate – GPS and Wi-Fi geolocation features map and display a laptop’s current and past whereabouts.
  • Recover – 400+ laptops recovered each month due to Absolute’s persistence technology, dedicated Theft Recovery Team, and relationships with over 6,200 police agencies.

According to laptop theft reports filed to Absolute’s Theft Recovery Team:

  • Six out of the top 10 places where laptops are stolen are locations frequented by travelers. They are:
    • Automobiles (#3)
    • Hotels/motels (#6)
    • Restaurants/cafes (#7)
    • Stores/shopping malls (#8)
    • Public transit (taxis, buses, etc.) (#9)
    • Airports (#10)
  • A Ponemon Institute study reveals that up to 12,000 laptops are lost weekly at US airports – that’s 600,000+ lost laptops per year just at airports!

Top 10 Laptop Security Tips for Airports (according to Absolute)

  1. Always have your laptop as part of your carry-on baggage
  2. Use an inconspicuous laptop bag, backpack or tote bag so that it’s not obvious you have a laptop with you
  3. Add identification tags to your laptop bag
  4. Never leave your bag unattended, even to use the washroom or to talk to airport personnel
  5. Do not proceed through the security check until you’ve noted your laptop, in its own bin, is in the x-ray machine detector.
  6. Keep an eye out for your laptop as it exits the x-ray machine. This is a common time for people to attempt to ‘swap’ laptops.
  7. Don’t forget your laptop at the x-ray machine. This is more common than you think.
  8. Clearly mark the exterior or your laptop so it cannot be swapped when you aren’t aware.
  9. Place your laptop under the seat in front of you while on the airplane, not in the overhead bin.
  10. Consider placing theft protection stickers on the exterior of your laptop. Opportunistic thieves may be wary to steal your laptop if they think they’ll be caught!

One lucky reader will win a copy of LoJack for Laptops (Windows or Mac).

Contest rules:

Add a comment below and share your most important travel safety tip.

Bonus entries:

Limit: 3 entries per person. Enter by June 3, 2012 midnight eastern time. Age 21+. The winner will be contacted by email.

Wishing you (and your laptop) safe travels!

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Wishing you all safe and wonderful travels!



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