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Averting Travel Wardrobe Disasters

We’ve all had those mornings. A loose lid causes coffee spillage, tights get snagged on car keys or a heel gets caught in a sidewalk grate.

Luckily, we’ve got some handy solutions to tackle office fashion emergencies and help you keep it together at work.  Need to repair a piece on clothing on-site without an emergency sewing kit?

Great Idea for Averting Travel Wardrobe Disasters

1. Grab a stapler to fix broken zippers or loose sleeves – just staple from the inside out.

2. If a zipper is stuck, rub the tip of a graphite pencil over the area to loosen it up.

3. Need to erase a stain before a big meeting? Ask around for a coworker with stain-removing pen. Alternatively, dry-erase board cleaner works just as well – but test a small area first if your clothing is isn’t white.

4. If a button-down shirt or wrap dress is gaping more than anticipated, a loop of strong packing tape to hold the fabric together should do the trick.

5. For scuffed shoes or holes in a pair of tights, a dark marker will provide a temporary fix.

6. Lint can quickly be removed from an outfit with a packing pouch – just take off the adhesive backing and slip the envelope on like a glove.

7. Trickier problems, like a broken heel, may require more creativity, but you’re not out of options. Duct tape works wonders for holding a shoe together, and a marker can help blend it in.

Thanks to Little PINK Book (, the online resource for every professional woman, for sharing these handy solutions!

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