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Think You Know Tipping Etiquette? The Kiplinger Quiz Will Tell You So!

How many times have you asked someone “Am I supposed to tip?” or “How much of a tip should I leave?” I have heard these questions from new travelers and experienced travelers alike, and I’ve had to ask these questions myself. There is usually a situation where you’re just not sure of the tipping etiquette.

In fact, I took the Kiplinger Travel Tipping Quiz and was confident that I’d nail this quiz. Not so. I only received a score of 80%! There were a couple of questions not really travel-related per se that I bombed. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

If you have ever been unsure how much to give a bellhop, concierge, maid or the myriad of other people that provide service along the way, start by taking Kiplinger’s Travel Tipping Quiz yourself.

After I took the quiz, I talked with Stacy Rapacon, Channel Editor of Kiplinger, about tipping and what some of the main issues are. Here is our conversation:

  • What do you think people struggle with the most about tipping?
    Most people don’t plan for their tipping. Budget ahead of time and include this into the vacation and/or business travel budget.
  • Have you ever seen tipping as a budget item?
    Holiday tipping yes, but not travel tipping.
  • What about valet service? Do you tip upon arrival or picking up the car?
    Upon picking up unless they are helping you with your bag upon arrival.
  • How about tipping the maid in your hotel?
    Tip daily. People tend to forget that the maid can be different each day so a small amount daily is recommended over leaving the tip on your first or last day of your hotel stay.
  • How do you recommend leaving the tip for the maid?
    Bring envelopes, label it with a thank you. Then the maid will know it’s for them.
  • What about if housekeeping brings something to your room? Do you tip for this?
    Yes, tip a dollar or two.
  • If you’re in a $100 a night hotel vs. a $400 a night hotel, do you tip differently?
    It’s up to your discretion, but generally the tip values are higher at the pricier hotels.

And the big question that had us both wondering:

  • Are there any noticeable tipping differences between men and women?
    What are your thoughts on this?

I’d also love to hear how you did on Kiplinger’s Travel Tipping Quiz. Can you guess which two questions I bombed?

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