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What’s Your Most Embarrassing Travel Moment? I Certainly Have Mine!

Oh, the funny things that can happen when we’re traveling – they certainly add to the memories we bring home. Some of these embarrassing moments we would just like to forget, some become stories we re-tell family and friends again and again and some are just so embarrassing that we’ve sworn we’ll tell no one! Remembering any of these now?

I found myself walking down the streets of New York City not once, but twice, with the back of my skirt stuck up inside my panties, and my not-so-small-size-rear-end saying “Goooood Morning New York!” Luckily a fellow female told me about it the first time. The second time I had two hotel doormen just looking at me and not saying a word. Embarrassed? You bet! I’m sure I’m not alone in this embarrassing situation, travel or not!

Blouses becoming unbuttoned, shoe heels getting stuck in city sidewalk grates, barfing over a bridge into the Chicago River (I was pregnant, or at least that’s my story!), my skirt falling off when dancing and singing “Oopah,” falling asleep on a plane with my mouth open (probably a hundred times), and the pooping on my head by two birds (two cities, two pigeons, two horrible memories) – yes, I’ve had my share of moments that I’d rather forget. Oh, and I can’t forget the “Did you just ask me if I wanted sex or sex?” scream-out in a hotel lobby (this embarrassing story is in my new book, Business Travel Success: How to Reduce Stress, Be More Productive and Travel with Confidence! in the International Travel chapter. Talk about red-faced!

When something embarrassing happens (and it’s bound to happen again), I just roll with it and laugh at myself. My mother’s forever-adage of “Don’t worry, you’ll never see these people again” often rings in my ears. And if the embarrassing moment does occur with a colleague, friend or family member, at least we’ll having something to laugh about forever!

How do you react when a travel faux pas occurs? And what would you do differently, if anything? If you can laugh at yourself and the crazy things that happen when traveling, either share in the comment section below or drop us a line at the Smart Women Travelers Facebook page. We can share a virtual glass of wine together while laughing with each other; not at each other!

Wishing you safe, enjoyable and fun, fun travels!

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