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Travel Safety Tips from our Readers

La Rambla

La Rambla, Barcelona – A tourist area known for pickpockets

Readers of submitted some of their favorite travel safety tips:

Sloan said:

Make an electronic copy of travel documents and email to an account you can access via the web. Should you lose everything or get it damaged easy access to the web provides backup.

Ryan offered:

It’s the small details – my big tip, when needing to review a map, look at your phone, text, etc…stop walking – you lose track of your surroundings and are at very high risk (and a very easy target). If you need to check a map or your phone, stop walking, step to the side and do so – then continue – much easier to stay [s]afe.

Item 2 – use cloud backup software for your laptop & phone. Whether it’s stolen, lost, or even breaks – it is WELL worth the small investment to have those family pictures, tax returns, (and frequent flyer balances!) etc. back in your hands in days or hours versus weeks!

I’ve had great luck with CrashPlan – but look around at others too!

Jo’s tip:

Take pics with your phone of your checked bag receipts, boarding passes, even passports., in case you lose any of them.

Kay’s advice:

I worry about having my camera stolen so at first just put black tape over the strap everywhere it said “Nikon” but am now ordering a strap that can’t be slashed. Also ordering a slash proof bag for my iPad.

Also, Capital One has a Visa card with no foreign transaction fees and you can customize it with your picture. I put my picture on it holding a sign “this is the owner of this card”. Probably wouldn’t help much but gives me some measure of satisfaction!

Sometimes I end up checking a bag and if so always lock it with an approved ATS lock and take its picture. The picture has come in very handy when the bag has gotten lost (as they tend to do which is why I only check on the way home). And if flying home through somewhere with a very dubious airport I even get that dreadful shrink wrap on it so it just isn’t worth trying to get into.

Abhishek’s tip:

Ask your medical insurance company if your policy applies overseas, and if it covers emergency expenses such as medical evacuation. If it does not, consider supplemental insurance.

Add your favorite travel safety tip in the comment section below.

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