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Holiday Traditions with Business Travel

For 20 years I have arranged my travels to be home for the Longwood (Florida) Arts & Craft Festival so I can start my Christmas shopping. It’s a wonderful time of year in Florida, sweater-weather for us. This event is always the weekend before Thanksgiving and is something I always count on and look forward to.

It isn’t easy to create or keep up with traditions when traveling a lot for business.  It’s difficult to be home for family birthdays or anniversaries, especially when they occur during the workweek.  A few weeks ago, I flew to Hong Kong to meet my husband for our wedding anniversary. He was in China and I was in Europe. While it seemed crazy for me to travel so far for a couple of days, we needed something to look forward to besides our daily Skype call (which didn’t happen so ‘daily’ since the time zone challenges are tougher when I’m in Europe than when I am in the U.S.).

Perhaps we started a new tradition this anniversary – to spend this special day together no matter where we may be on the planet (and for my husband to continue his excellent selection of red wine).  The cost of the travel may seem high, but not in comparison to the cost that extensive business travel can take on a relationship.

I am homeward-bound from Europe on Saturday so I can be home for Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of the year and steep in lots of traditions.

And to kick off this week full of traditions, on Sunday I will be meandering the streets of the Longwood Arts & Craft Festival, shaking off the jet lag, admiring the handiworks of hundreds of artisans and nibbling on a bag of kettle corn.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?


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