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My Reflections of Jenn’s Solo Trip: Day 1 (Video)

Bridging travel knowledge that I share with audiences around the world with travel advice for my daughter as she heads over to Hong Kong and China has been interesting for me. Listen in as I reflect on both views — that of an experienced traveler and that of a mom.

Minutes after I recorded this video, Jenn called with the news that flight #2 of 3 (San Francisco to Tokyo) was delayed by six hours and she would miss flight #3 to Hong Kong. Many text messages and phone calls ensued between her, my husband, United and me.

“Get to the United Club lounge and they’ll help rebook you.”
“What, they won’t let you into the lounge? Why not? You’re eligible for it based on your ticket!”
“Can’t you (United) reroute her on a different airline?”
“Remember to ask about hotel and food vouchers.”

Ah, the fun of travel! No surprise that I have been watching her flight status for hours!

p.s.  Me trying to share tons of tips with Jenn in just a few minutes is at Travel Prep by Mom for Jenn’s First Solo International Trip


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