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What Do You Collect on Your Travels? (Video)

Magnets, postcards, ornaments, spoons, shot glasses, maps, coffee mugs – whatever it is that appeals to you, create a habit of always bringing home a “special something” that can instantly bring back your great memories of your travels around the country or around the world. Many collectibles don’t cost much in money but return value over and over again as you fondly recall a city, a beach, foods, time with family and friends.

When I reached my 50th U.S. state in the Summer of 2012, I was ecstatic to have visited each and every state. Though it was also bittersweet because I do not have mementos or souvenirs from each of the states.

So wherever your travels may take you, bring back that special keepsake that will keep each trip alive in your mind forever.

What are your favorite mementos to bring home from a trip?

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