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Ahhhh! Is My Word for the WahWah Spa Experience

If you’re like me, living a life with a never-ending to-do list, making time to truly unwind is something we dream of though seldom make the time for. When we finally do make it a priority to relax, whether we’re near the crash-and-burn point or just want to give ourselves a physical and mental break for all the doing-ness, we look for a way to really enjoy the experience and make it worthwhile to check out for awhile.

I found the perfect place to forget about the to-do list for awhile – hours and hours, in fact. With lingering effects that lasted even longer.

That special place is the Wah Wah Spa in Kristiansand, Norway. From the moment of entering the door, the sense of calm, quiet and peace is all around. Sipping warm tea in their foyer area begins the experience of shedding the stress and realizing there is more to life than checking a box when something on the to-do list finally gets done.

My perfect day started with an hour of AquaBlitz. This is a machine more found in the UK and parts of Europe than in the U.S. This site explains more about this massage experience: AquaBlitz. Afterwards, a relaxing time in the steam sauna and infrared sauna totally melted whatever remaining stress cells were in my body.

A full body massage, more time in the sauna (this time braving the cold bath between the steam and infrared saunas), finished by a sleep-inducing facial and I felt like I could live at the Wah Wah forever.

While the Wah Wah is not geographically near most of us (though be sure to enter their magic door if ever in Norway), the experience can be. Give yourself time away from the to-do list and totally de-stress with the gift of massage. Ahhhh!

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