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Luggage Leaves Clues


I’ve loved the saying of “Success Leaves Clues” for a long time. Here’s a new saying along that same line: “Luggage Leaves Clues.” What exactly am I talking about?

As I’m settling down to write this, I’ve just gotten into my comfy clothes…sweatpants and a t-shirt. Not just any old t-shirt, but a genuine SkyTeam t-shirt. I donned my slippers with the fancy ‘F’ on them – my comfy Fairmont slippers. I put my book to the side, marking my page with my old boarding pass.

This got me thinking about all of the travel-related items that I carry. Someone who went wandering through my bags could tell a lot about me just by these items.

In this week’s bag I have:

  • Delta SkyTeam t-shirt that I received when my red-eye flight cancelled and I was sent to a hotel.
  • Fairmont slippers from the Fairmont Newport Beach (hint to Fairmont: I could use a new pair!)
  • Loews Conditioner bottle. The conditioner is long gone, but the bottle is perfect for refilling, totally leak-proof and great for a weeklong trip.
  • Embassy Suites rosemary-infused hand cream. Love the scent!
  • Hilton shower cap. Great for wrapping up shoes or covering my hair when I give myself a facial.
  • Marriott sewing kit. I’ve needed this a few times for hem and button repairs.
  • An old boarding pass. Open any book I’m reading and you’ll find a boarding pass or two.

These are just the items in this week’s 4-day travel bag. I can’t begin to tell you what I have at home!

So what do these clues tell you about me?

  • I stay in nice hotels and sit in first class … all signs that I like the finer things in life (all very true, but they do not occur as often as I’d like).
  • I am feminine. I love the fresh scents of high-quality hand cream, shampoo and conditioner.
  • I’m practical. I heed my mother’s advice and I’m prepared. Sewing kits and shower caps are multi-purpose and are right up there with always having clean underwear.
  • I’m frugal. Why spend the money on a beautiful laminated bookmark when I can use a boarding pass for free?

It makes sense that we pick up items along the way that fit our lifestyles and personalities. Share with us what clues your luggage is saying!

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