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Six Weeks to Summer Series: A Traveler’s Fitness Plan over 42 Days

42 days until the unofficial First Day of Summer (Memorial Day to those of us in the U.S.)! Time to shed the cold weather clothes and get back into shorts, sleeveless tops and bathing suits!

Do those words cause panic in you? You haven’t even gotten serious about implementing New Year’s resolutions yet! Yes, this time of year can bring dread to those of us who struggle with extra weight that we carry around like oversized luggage permanently stuck to us. I know because I’m a full-fledged member of this group. Though I’m committed to give up this membership!

Since travel is such a focus of my life and getting healthy and fit are as well, I’m going to share my real-life opportunities and challenges of weight loss on the road. If I can get more fit with this busy travel schedule, surely most anyone can!

Here’s my schedule for the next 42 days leading up to Memorial Day Weekend:

16-29 April Traveling to Hong Kong,, 2 days in Hong Kong, departing Friday for a Princess 7-day cruise to China and Japan; 2 days in Tokyo; fly home

30 April Home

01-08 May Travel to Norway; client work

09-12 May Travel to Colorado Springs for BoardingArea conference

12-17 May Travel back to Norway; more client work; travel home

18-20 May Home

21-23 May Houston

24-27 May Home for the Memorial Day Weekend!

With 34 of the 42 days being on the road (most of it international), it’s enough to make me groan when I consider my fitness goals! Of these 34 days of travel, I have 6 international flights of two or three legs and 2 domestic flights. All 34 nights will be spent in a hotel or on a cruise ship. Weight loss? Can I do this with a cruise and so many international flights?

I am sure going to give it my best! And I’m going to share with you how it’s going.

I hope the information I share helps you or someone you know with healthy living on the road with info on:
Healthy in-flight eating and drinking
Getting your zzzzz’s while flying
Airport healthy eats
Fitness options in or near your airport
Foods fit for travel
Hotel dining your way
Hotel in-room workouts
Best of hotel fitness ideas
Getting a restful night sleep in your hotel
Finding local fitness centers and coaches
De-stress your day
When to take you meds when traveling
Tracking tools for food and fitness
Fitness clothes and shoes fit for a traveler
How to lose weight with wildly-crazy menopausal hormones traveling along
And much more…

42 days’ worth of fitness tips for travelers.
42 days’ worth of how I will work on my objective of a 12-pound weight loss (average 2 pounds per week) (I am already down 30 pounds so the easy first few pounds of water weight are long gone… each ounce donated back to the universe is now with hard effort!).
42 days’ worth of fitness motivation and goal setting.
42 days where you can join in with your tips on what works well for you, what you wish worked better and your own “6 Weeks to Summer” achievements.

Stay tuned for Day 1: Five-Hour Coach Flight + Airport Time

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