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Six Weeks to Summer Series: Day 3 – International Travel Challenges

It’s Day 3 of this 42-day series on Six Weeks to Summer: A Traveler’s Fitness Plan. It is my first full day in Hong Kong.

Challenges encountered by many travelers, myself included, are:

  • How to adjust to the local time and get ‘normal’ sleep
    • Forget about the time at home and start living immediately in the local time zone. Do yoga or meditation before bedtime to relax and do your normal nightly routines (facial care, night time medicine) based on your typical bedtime at home (i.e., if you typically get to bed at 11pm when at home, do the same at your local time zone.  You may want to turn off your phone as it may ring during the night from unknowing folks back home who do not realize you’re many time zones away.
  • What to eat when many restaurants only have menus in the local language
    • I seek out restaurants that have pictures of their foods, or the English version of the item included in the menu, or both. If the menu has neither, I pass it by.  I guess I could point to what’s on someone else’s plate, but it would still be difficult, if not impossible, to explain dietary desires (no sauce, no rice, extra vegetables, for example).  
  • Is it safe to walk the streets?
    • I much prefer walking city streets to get my exercise in as compared to spending time on a treadmill. Ask your hotel’s concierge about safe walking zones. Also ask if they have guided runs or walks, as some hotels do.  For me, the area I am staying in Hong Kong seems very safe. I do my walking in the early daylight hours as that’s when the humidity is lowest and the streets are less crowded.  I love walking city streets and do so whenever I can and my pedometer is most always with me.  

Day 3 is coming to an end and it’s been another healthy eating day. I also walked about 6,500 steps; not reaching my goal of 8,000 though feeling good that my body is adapting to being twelve hours’ different in time zone from back home.

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