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Six Weeks to Summer Series: Day 4 – Exercise, Protein and No De-Stressing

It’s Day 4 of this 42-day series on Six Weeks to Summer: A Traveler’s Fitness Plan.

The morning started with about a 2-mile walk along Hong Kong streets followed by a hotel fruit breakfast. Mid-morning, I did a workout in the hotel’s fitness center. I’m a walker, not a runner, so I brought in my iPad with a book to read while I walked at a fast inclined pace for 45 minutes.

Courtyard Fitness Center

For lunch, I had one of my always-with-me staples – a chocolate protein shake. The protein shakes I use are made from pea/rice protein blend rather than whey or soy. I used a can of coconut milk bought from a nearly grocery store, though water would have been my next choice. I travel with a plastic shaker cup so I can mix the shake mix with a liquid, adding a tablespoon of chia seed and ice. Knowing my husband and I will be embarking on our cruise later in the afternoon, a lighter lunch before the buffet bonanza begins on the ship is called for.

After lunch, I had an appointment for a lymphatic massage. Massage parlors are pervasive in Hong Kong and the prices are much less than getting a similar massage in the U.S. My lympatic maasage was 380 HKD (about $45 USD) for a sixty minute session. Read about my interesting Hong Kong massage experience over on Pearls of Travel Wisdom.

Time to now board the cruise! The common ritual for most cruise go-ers is to check into the cabin and then head to the buffet, and that’s exactly what we did.

A late afternoon salad with a couple slices of lean beef was perfect. Four hours later, I loaded my plate mostly with salad, added sautéed shrimp and a few roasted sweet potato chunks.

Bruce and I walked by the dessert offerings (cheese plate, ice cream sundaes, cherry crisp and lots, lots more) to take a whiff. Whiffs don’t have calories, or at least I am hoping that’s the case and no renegade calories hop on board just because we are in close vicinity of the ice cream scoop.

Time to get a good night’s rest now that my body seems fully adjusted to the 12-hour time change. All in all a good day of healthy eating and exercise.


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