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Six Weeks to Summer Series: Day 5 – My First Trip to China

It is Day 5 of this 42-day series on Six Weeks to Summer: A Traveler’s Fitness Plan.

Today my husband and I visited Xiamen – my first visit to China. I walked about town for a few hours and also enjoyed just people-watching in this coastal city. My pedometer registered 11,000+ steps, so definitely a good walking day. Even better than the results on my pedometer, I got to experience a tiny bit of China.

Day5CarolOur cruise ship was in port in the afternoon, so lunch was eaten aboard ship before we disembarked. A big salad with lots of veggies, oil and vinegar dressing, and two slices of lean baked pork for protein.

The common foods seen in Xiamen were baked sweet goods and fruit kabobs at little stands along the very busy Zhongshan Road shopping area as well as meat and fish on sticks. There were buckets along the streets solely for discarding the long sticks.

We walked the entire length of the Zhongshan road shopping area, then ventured down nearby streets were we found the local Walmart. Unlike the US style of massive aisles throughout the store, the style seen here (and also in Hong Kong) is to have what seems to be mini boutique stores within a store with small areas dedicated to specific products (one designer’s shoes, or one designer’s clothing, for example).

We kept walking and found upscale malls, the local Lamborghini dealership and a Pacific Coffee shop where we stopped for an Americano. Their magazine rack held one of my favorite magazines, Travel and Leisure. Unfortunately, all I could look at where the pictures!

Our cruise boarded before dinner so instead of eating in Xiamen, we ate aboard the ship. Fruit for breakfast; salad for lunch; salmon with roasted vegetables for dinner. All in all a very healthy day … great food, great walking and a very interesting city.

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