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Six Weeks to Summer Series: Day 7 – MyFitnessPal and My Grade of A-

It is Day 7 of this 42-day series on Six Weeks to Summer: A Traveler’s Fitness Plan.

I would give my eating a grade of A- so far on this cruise. I had a lick of my husband’s ice cream on the first day of the cruise (and amazingly stopped at just one lick), and a few of the food items I have eaten had unexpected sauces or were cooked in more oil than I would have liked. Considering that I am on a cruise where food is mass produced and available 24×7 and temptations run rampant, I am surprising myself with how easy this has been.

For dinner tonight, there were sautéed shrimp, beef wellington and white fish, along with roasted pumpkin and sweet potatoes – and my favorite brussel sprouts! There’s a lot on my plate as my eyes were bigger than my stomach.  I ate only half of the shrimp and beef and I was stuffed.

One way I have been keeping track of calories eaten is to record what I eat in an app on my iPad. I have been using MyFitnessPal for tracking my weight, daily food intake and workouts. It’s free, easy to use and has an amazing list of foods in their database, surprisingly even the Paleo bars and grass fed beef sticks that I carry as my emergency food. I do my best at estimating my restaurant foods and what I have been eating on the cruise ship and it’s easy with their vast selection of foods and cooking methods. With their mobile apps, I can access my information everywhere (since I’m almost never without one of my mobile devices!). It’s really helping to motivate me to eat healthy and get a workout in on most days – even with so much travel. And it connects to a lot of other apps and devices.

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