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Six Weeks to Summer Series: Day 8 – Kochi, Japan and the Kochi Castle

It is Day 8 of this 42-day series on Six Weeks to Summer: A Traveler’s Fitness Plan.

Visiting Kochi Castle today as great for a cardio workout. Lots of walking through their amazing shopping area – Obiyamachi Shopping Arcade.

IMG_7013 IMG_7012

The best cardio was walking up the steps to the Kochi Castle.

Steps Kochi Castle

Carol at Kochi Castle

You’ll love this ‘Balanced Food’ found in vending machines along the sidewalks: “Calorie Mate Block is a nutritionally balanced source of the energy needed for daily activities,” says the package. Ingredients: Wheat flour, margarine and sugar are the first three ingredients. Yikes! This type of balance will go right to the hips!

Calorie Mate

My husband and I walked right on by the ‘Balanced Food’ and followed the recommendations by many to head to Hirome Marketplace for lunch.

Hirome is an indoor marketplace with several stores and a wide variety of food and drink venues.  Think food court of a mall, but a heck of a lot more interesting. Throughout the marketplace are picnic bench seating areas. A salad of lettuce and shredded cabbage was on display at one restaurant so that was my go-to choice for lunch. Since I wanted to add some protein, another venue offered beef and chicken on a stick so I had one of each. This marketplace is extremely fun and it a must-do when in Kochi.

After a great lunch and more walking through the shopping area, I enjoyed real green tea (as in really, really green with tea leaves in the bottom of the cup) and a small sweet served by wonderfully nice ladies in kimonos at a local department store.

Carol and Green Tea

On a grading scale, I’d give myself a “B” for eating since I had the sweet with my tea and also had sweet sauces on my meat at lunch, though Kochi gets an “A” for a fun city with wonderfully nice people.

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