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Reader Question: What Adaptor is Needed in the UK For My Kindle?

A reader asks:

I am going to England in June and need to know what type of converter or adaptor I need for my Kindle.

How exciting for you! Bring an adaptor for your Kindle that looks like this:

UK Power Adapter

The UK adaptor is large (compared to other countries) and has three, substantial, flat prongs.

You can purchase either a UK-only adaptor or a multi-country adaptor. I tend to like the multi-country adaptors. If I fly through Amsterdam on my way to London, for example, both a European adaptor and a UK adaptor are called for. The multi-country adaptor is usually a bit bigger than a single-country adaptor but this downside is offset by the ease of having just one adaptor that fits multiple countries always with me.

Download lots of books before you ever leave home, then turn off the WI-FI on your Kindle. I have downloaded books when I have been abroad, though have received messages about international charges that I remember causing alarm.

I love Amazon’s Top 100 Free Best Sellers in Kindle ebooks and usually download a few books from here, especially for long international flights.

There is more on adaptors vs. converters in my book, Business Travel Success: How to Reduce Stress, Be More Productive and Travel with Confidence.

Have a great time in England!

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