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Six Weeks to Summer Series: Days 23-24 – Winning the Fight Against Stress Eating

It is Days 23-24 of this 42-day series on Six Weeks to Summer: A Traveler’s Fitness Plan. Just passed the half-way point to my goal of a 12-pound donation back to the universe!

Travel and Stress seem to naturally go together. Struggles to get through Security with your possessions and body intact, flight delays, sitting inside a tube next to someone you’d never want as a Facebook friend breathing in the sneezes and coughs of the rows around you – Arghh!

Add to this the stress of an airline that goes on strike and cancels all flights for days and the stress level goes up a notch or two (or a whole lot more)!

I’ve been chronicling my journey from Norway back to the U.S. over at Pearls of Travel Wisdom.

Talk about stress! I almost surrendered and cancelled the trip. Most of you would think I’m nuts for every trying to get back to the States for just a couple of days. But this type of jaunt is fine by me, except when it comes with so many hurdles along the way. But I persevere and my journey continues.

When I arrived at my Oslo hotel at 11:30 at night, I had an extra surprise I wasn’t expecting. When I inserted the key card into my hotel room, which turned on all the lights, I immediately saw that the room was occupied. Lots of open luggage gave me the clue real fast that there could be a person in this room! I never heard anyone scream or shoot, but I backed out of that room so fast that I forgot to remove the key card and turn off the lights.

By the time I got into my new non-smoking, no-luggage, non-occupied room, I was hungry, thirsty and very tired. The ultimate combination for a stressful eating moment. And with a bag of potato chips staring at my from the hotel’s mini bar.

Did I surrender?

Amazingly, no! I did make a cup of coffee (not a great idea at midnight!) and grabbed a pear that was in my laptop tote. I really don’t like to eat this late ever but after a 5-hour bus ride and another hour added pre- and post-trip with only a protein bar for dinner, I ate the pear. All in all, I feel like I won the stress battle this time, though only by a close margin.

My tips for winning the stress battle (to both help you and remind myself!):

  • Always have some type of healthy food with you. (Mike, link to the post that shows the food I travel with — maybe a few posts ago?)
  • Drink water before you give in to unhealthy food as it may be thirst you really have and not true hunger
  • Hide the unhealthy food (I put the bag of chips and other sinful items under the counter where I couldn’t seem them so easily)
  • Do some deep breathing to calm your stress level, even for a minute or two

We’ll talk later. I have more of my adventure travels back to the States beginning in a few minutes with my flight to Newark.

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