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Six Weeks to Summer Series: The Results Are In!

It is the final days of this 42-day series on Six Weeks to Summer: A Traveler’s Fitness Plan.

I started this series in mid-April as I was embarking on the beginning of six weeks of almost non-stop travel. Results?

I traveled to Hong Kong, China, Japan, Norway, Colorado, back to Norway and finished in Houston before heading home.
42 days elapsed. During this time, 36 days and nights where on the road with only six nights at home in my own bed. Since I am not one to ever miss a meal, this means that over 100 meals were eaten in restaurants, on cruise ships, in my hotel room, in airports and on airplanes – and even a few meals at home.

Workouts were accomplished about a third of the time. I “thought” about working out just about every day, but just thinking about it didn’t always get me to the gym. I did, however, get a lot of walking in while on the cruise and while visiting these international destinations.

I am down a size in my clothes. At the beginning of this series I was borderline between two sizes so I’m happy to now be solidly into the smaller size. The larger sizes are coming out of my closet and going into donation bags.

CarolSummerSeriesMy goal for weight loss was 12 pounds over six weeks. This didn’t quite happen but I am happy with the 8 pound donation back to the universe. I don’t want to say that I lost 8 pounds because I don’t want it finding its way back to me.

My strive for a healthy and fit body continues even though this series may be complete. As I write this, I am eating a lettuce sandwich aboard an early morning flight (leaf lettuce stuffed with slices of cucumber, tomato, radish, avocado and leftover steak, with a cut-up green pepper and apple for later snacking). I have my BodyMedia pedometer on my arm to track today’s steps.

Eating healthy on the road is possible. Know that the meals may not always be perfect and the workouts may not always get done. However, with a focus on eating healthfully and exercising for the majority of your time away from home, the age-old saying that travel equals weight gain is proven false.

Let’s continue this conversation and together strive for a healthy lifestyle when traveling. Add a comment below with your favorite healthy travel tip, ask a question or share a motivation.

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