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Sleeping Your Way to the Top

To us self-accomplished and confident women, these words have a very negative connotation that we need to offer ‘personal’ favors in order to reach our goals. But that is not what I’m talking about at all.

I am talking about sleeping your way to the top during your hotel stay. Oh gosh, that sounds even worse!

Ok, let’s try again:

Ways to get an upgrade to a top-tier room during your next hotel stay.

Yes, now that’s what I’m talking about!

So what are the ways that result in the hotel desk clerk handing you a key to a beautiful hotel suite?

  • Sleep with one hotel brand until you have ‘status.’ Most hotel brands have a multi-tiered status – silver, gold, platinum type of levels based on number of nights stayed. Instead of being Goldilocks and trying out numerous hotel brands, look for rates and locations that are within one brand so the number of hotel nights can accumulate.For example, these are all the hotel names under the MarriottStarwood and Hilton brands.
  • Join each hotel chain’s frequent guest program no matter what! You may think you won’t be back to a particular hotel brand, but you may. And with credit card and other promotions, it may be realistic to reach a status level even with a small number of stays.
  • Follow hotel promotions. Once registered for a frequent guest program, you’ll be on a hotel’s email list (use an alternate email address for travel-related news if you do not want your main email box cluttered up). A great source of up-to-date hotel promos is listed on Mommy Points.
  • If you have a high tier status with one hotel brand (Marriott, for example) and have already achieved high status for the year, request a status match at a second brand (Hilton, for example). Search Google for words such as “status match marriott hilton” for tips from sources such as Milepoint and FlyerTalk and others. You may be granted a top tier status with another brand if you meet a minimum number of nights requirement at the new brand.
  • Look into hotel-branded credit cards that may offer status, free nights and/or points. A good source for current hotel credit card offers is Million Mile Secrets. Note: If you cannot pay off your credit card bill in full every month, it is best to avoid credit cards because the rewards achieved could be negated by finance charges.
  • Ask, Ask, Ask. Upon check-in, it cannot hurt to inquire, “what would it take to get an upgraded room?” The worst case, you end up with the room type that you booked, so that’s not bad. Though there is always a chance that a nicer room can be had for a small up-charge or even no up-charge at all. It helps to have joined the hotel’s frequent stayer program and have their co-branded credit card.
  • Pay for it! Yes, sometime an upgraded room is worth the money, especially if it offers access to the hotel’s concierge lounge. While the rate may be $50 more a night or so, it will generally include breakfast, usually a light dinner and complimentary water and soft drinks. When traveling with a spouse or children, this can save a lot in meals and beverages. (Caveat: Call the hotel to see if their lounge is open if you plan on staying over a weekend.)


You now know several ways to sleep your way to the top! Sorry to disappoint if you were looking for ways to get that next promotion at work. But hey, share these tips with your boss and you’re sure to impress anyway!

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