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Why You Should Take a Video of Your Rental Car

When you get a rental car, it’s always a good idea to take a quick video around the vehicle before you drive off of the lot. I explain why in this video.

Taking photos with your mobile phone or camera is also an option. In fact, take photos or video of anything inside the car that appears as damage as well, such as a rip in the carpet or a hole in the seat. With many rental car companies now being ‘smoke-free,’ if you see what looks like cigarette ashes, take a photo of this as well.

If there is any claim from the rental car company that damage occurred while the car was in your possession, having this proof will help you in your rebuttal.

Having this type of proof helped me with a recent claim of damage from a rental car company. A console door (behind the radio display) had popped open while my rental car sat in an office parking lot all day on a very hot summer day. This door’s latch had broken in two and it appeared that this latch had previously been glued – perhaps it had broken once before. I snapped a couple of photos, especially of the white glue-looking substance on the broken latch. The few seconds I spent taking these photos saved me from paying a $300 bill that the car rental company sent me.

When I explained this story and attached my photos, I received an email from the rental car company that said “Case Closed.”

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