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Exactly What I Should Be Doing, But I’m Not!

As I write this, I am sitting at the desk in my hotel room in Houston. If I could, I would be typing this while working out in the fitness center.  Maybe if there was a laptop stand on the treadmill.  Or a way to silently dictate so my recorder could only hear me and not the noise all around.

Ah, enough of the “if I could!”  A better question is “How Can I?”

How can I always get a workout in even with a busy travel schedule?

So the answer here is for me (selfish of me, isn’t it?), though I’d bet all my air miles that there is at least one of you who struggle with making time to work out while you’re traveling.  Early flight, long day, dinner with clients, blah, blah, blah.  I’ve heard it all because I’ve heard it all from me!

I have to show you – here are my workout clothes that I just pulled out of my suitcase:


No big deal, right? Well, um, I’m admitting it here for all the global world of smart travelers to see, that I have had this same bag of workout clothes packed in this same bag for three trips – all without opening the bag and putting the workout clothes on!  Yes, my workout clothes have been accumulating air miles without ever seeing the light of day.

Phew, how embarrassing. I truly had the best of intentions.

We (me, myself and I!) need a solution that’s a no-excuse way to get a workout in – even in the comfort of our hotel room.

Here are several no-excuse, yes-to-fitness workouts we can start doing right now:

Towel Moves Workout – From a fellow smart woman traveler I met on a flight, Cheryl Westerman, who has a fun and super-easy DVD towel-workout program.

Hotel Room Workout Daily Dose With Jillian Michaels – I’m not sure about doing jumping jacks if there is someone in a room below you, though there are many other great exercises in this video perfect for a hotel room (I use a hotel bath towel on the carpet when doing floor exercises.)

12-Minute Hotel Room Follow-Along Travel Workout – 12 minutes should be do-able by any of us though I’m curious what the hotel would think of some of these jump-up-on-the-bed exercises!

Quick + Quiet Hotel Room Workout – Exercises in a tiny European hotel room – I’m not sure how she’d get along with the jump-on-the-bed guy, though I’m sure the hotel prefers her exercises.

Here are some articles that include hotel workouts:

The Ultimate Hotel Room Workout

The Total-Body Anywhere Workout

The 20-Minute Hotel Workout

Your hotel may also offer fitness equipment that can be brought to your room as I wrote in this article on Would You Like To Work Out In Your Hotel Room?

Ok, so now I’m motivated! Gotta run … I’m starting with the Quick + Quiet Hotel Room Workout right now!

Do share your favorite in-room workouts and please, please, please let me know I’m not the only one traveling with good intentions and still-clean workout clothes!


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