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Ideas for Valentine’s Day Celebrations Across the Miles

Away on business on February 14th? Many of us are and most our our significant others aren’t too happy about it. It’s about the worst night of the year to be dining alone in a restaurant! I would imagine that hotel room service orders hit an all-time spike on this night. It’s not fun for our significant spouses on that day and it’s not fun for those of us traveling either. It seems everyone is a couple on this day while we’re traveling with colleagues or all alone.

I haven’t been home for Valentine’s Day in the past few years and this year is no exception. Though I have started making plans for how to celebrate while I’m still at home and also how to celebrate across the miles. Listen in to this video for ideas that may help your separation next week if you’re on the road;, then share other ideas to help fellow solo-travelers on Valentine’s Day deal with separation from loved ones (though keep the x-rated ideas to yourself please!)

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