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Hotel Wish List Is In: Wi-Fi and Water Win!

On a poll taken at our Facebook page, the question was asked “If hotels could grant you one wish to improve your travel experience, what would your one wish be?”

Here is what is on our readers’ hotel wish list:

  • Free wifi
  • Free bottles of water
  • Free breakfast
  • Free laundry soap
  • Free laundry services
  • Free parking
  • Welcome basket with amenities
  • More shampoo and conditioner
  • Info on surrounding area
  • Free mini-bars
  • Outdoor temp on thermometer
  • Carry luggage to room
  • Better beds
  • Non-smoking rooms that are really non-smoking
  • Massages
  • Channel listing by bed
  • Cotton swabs
  • Better locks on the door that hold door open and lock behind you

Some of these items most likely already exist (or should) at the hotel you’ve booked: More shampoo (just ask), carry luggage to room (again, just ask), non-smoking rooms that are really non-smoking (ask to be moved to another non-smoking room if this happens to you).

Some of these are pipe dreams. It would be heavenly to have Westin’s Heavenly Beds, massages and free mini-bars in every room but is it as a price we’re willing to pay?

Many of this wishful items should give hotels a good list of what you’re looking for and that don’t cost very much – channel listing by the bed (instead of the in room’s binder of information on the desk), info on the surrounding area and cotton swabs.

As for better locks on the door – this should be a given that locks are secure and that the door closes properly.

What wish list item would you add?

For the full poll results, see Grant One Wish.

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