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Travel Survival Kit, An iOS App Collection


With such a vast number of travel-related apps available for our phones, it can be overwhelming on what to get. Packing checklists, trip-planning, maps, restaurants, tipping, currency conversion — and on and on and on they go. On iTunes, I happened upon what I first thought was an app called “Travel Survival Kit.”  It is actually a collection of travel-related iOS apps and it is very neatly organized into logical categories:

  • Before You Leave
  • On the Road
  • In the Air
  • Pass the Time
  • International Trips
  • Quick Fix Games

You can sort the apps in the Travel Survival Kit by name, release date or featured apps. There’s a nice collection of apps in this kit. Regardless of whether you select the apps in this kit or not, scan the lists and you will get a slew of possible categories related to travel, some you may not have thought of before.

If you know of similar collections for travel survival apps on Android or Windows, do share!

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