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Where Was Skype When I Was First Traveling?

So many aspects of business travel haven’t changed over the years, especially for parents. It’s heartbreaking to miss the first day of school, or a birthday or your child’s first steps. I know – I missed a lot.

I so wish Skype or any of the other myriad of free or low-cost video tools had existed when my kids were younger. Instead, I thought I was state-of-the-art with my AT&T calling card! Then I advanced to having a pager and felt so much better that my kids could send me a message at any time of day or night. I still remember the feeling of being in power with my pager clipped to my purse.

Yes, things have changed a bit. In this USA Today article on Female business travelers find more accommodating world, I and other women travelers share how travel has changed for us over the years.

If you’ve been traveling for any number of years, I know you’ll appreciate how technology is making some things easier. So while the heartstrings are still pulled when we’re away from our loved ones, at least we can see their faces on a daily basis.

And let me introduce to you my youngest child, Dexter. We were Skyping while I was in Brazil and he was managing the home front with my husband. I’ll see just what that ‘managing the home front’ means from a 7-month old puppy once I get home.

Dexter via Skype

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