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Thank You, Hotel Maid, for the Thank You!

I am a prolific hotel maid tipper. Just about every day of every stay, I leave a tip for the hotel maid*. I do this at hotels in North America as well as in countries where tipping is a custom. Sometimes I add a quick note of “Thanks” or “Gracias” or the local word for my gratitude; other times I simply leave the bills on the pillow.

Very rarely, however, do I ever see a note of “Thanks” back from the maid. So I was most surprised and appreciative of this note:

Thank You 🙂

I hope you enjoyed your stay!


Thank You Note

Receiving this note was really special. While I’m leaving the tip money as my gratitude for making my bed, replenishing my coffee and getting me fresh towels, it was nice to receive the maid’s gratitude in return. It doesn’t matter to me that the Thanks is in English, Spanish or any other language – just a word of Thanks is nice.

What does irk me now and then is leaving a tip for the maid and returning to my room to find something undone. Number 1 on the irk scale is forgetting to replenish the coffee. Yes, the tip money will be gone though I end up having to call housekeeping for what the maid forgot. Major irk! But I digress … this is about thanks.

So to Sanjuana – thank you for writing me the Thank You! It is much appreciated, will probably result in an extra dollar or two added to the next tip, and my impression of your hotel increases, all due to a simple thanks. Please ask your colleagues to do the same.

*If I do not leave a tip, it is usually because I have no small bills or a senior moment occurred. This post offers tips on getting small bills (and please share if you have tips on avoiding senior moments!): Hotel Tipping – The Daily Tips Have It!

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Do you see many note of thanks from the hotel maid? Would you like to see more?

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