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Sweetest Hotel Maintenance Experience Ever!

No one likes when something in their hotel room isn’t up to par. I’ve made countless requests for maintenance over my years of business travel. Sometimes things are so bad that I move to another room.

What I like even less is walking into my hotel room in the evening and wondering if the maintenance request I placed earlier in the day got taken care of.  I’ve been there, so many times. I wonder if the bathtub drain got fixed, or the A/C unit, or the toilet or the door lock, etc. I go look at the drain (not knowing if the water will stop up again until I take my morning shower). I flush the toilet. I check the door lock.

What a waste of time in not only having to re-think about the maintenance issue that already took you time to call in but also checking out for yourself if the issue is fixed.

So I absolutely love what the Renaissance Boca Raton (Florida) Hotel left in my room after their maintenance staff took care of whatever fan issue I had reported. A note!

A note that told me that everything is “All Set!” They apologized for the inconvenience and made me feel like I wouldn’t be a bother if I needed to call them about something else. More importantly, I didn’t have to waste time wondering if the issue got fixed or testing it out.

So simple. So helpful. So appreciated.

IMG 5871

To top off this helpful note, a gift of Belgian chocolate, in the shape of a hammer no less, was included.

Now that was sweet, as well as clever! A much-appreciated guest is how I felt. And my husband appreciated the chocolate bonus once I got home.

Renaissance Boca Raton chocolate

The hotel’s note, however, was what I, as a very frequent hotel stayer, very much appreciated and would like to see more of (not that I’m wishing for more maintenance needs!). I’m sure other hotel guests would appreciate the same. I hope more hoteliers pick up on this minuscule-cost way of to help their guests feel heard, attended to and appreciated.

And if a small gift of chocolate is included, my husband will also thank you!

p.s. This isn’t the first hotel note to impress me. Read how Sanjuana’s thank-you went a long way.

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