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Traveling Solo – Tips for What to Know Before You Go


I remember talking with a flight attendant awhile back who told me that her 17 years of flying, she had never left her hotel room once she arrived into a city. She just stayed in her hotel until the time to leave again. Traveling solo, whether for business or leisure, can be daunting in many ways, exciting in others.

To me, this is very sad to think about and I feel you’d say the same thing. How sad to not experience any city she traveled to, not enjoy foods outside hotel walls, or meet wonderful local people and share their cultures.

Though I certainly do understand having feelings of discomfort when traveling alone. The trick is to push through the discomfort in a safe way, and stretch yourself a bit.

For example, when I’m in an area where I can walk safely to several restaurants, I’ll walk out the front door and tell myself “Stop at the first restaurant I see after walking two blocks to the left.” This is a great way to experience foods that might be out of my ‘normal’ and I have always found foods in each of the restaurants that I love. I’ll ask the server for the most popular item on the menu. I love this way to surprise myself on something fun in a city, yet in a not-so-crazy way that I feel uncomfortable.

This article by Liz Weiss of US News & World Report (which has a few contributions by yours truly) offers tips by several female travelers for traveling solo.

Share in the comments below your tips, your concerns, your questions for traveling solo.

[US News & World Report – 7 Things You Must Know Before Traveling Solo]

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