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My Spa-tacular Most-Embarrassing Massage Moment

Traveling is a never-ending learning experience. Most times these learning experiences are wonderful, though once in awhile we have to learn things the hard way (or in my case, the head way).

I can’t believe I’m sharing this embarrassing massage story with you! Though I feel that if this situation was new to me, there may just be one other person in this world who might not know either. We all have to learn everything for the first time and this is a lesson I will NEVER forget!

So tell me, after you watch this video (which I posted awhile ago but it still makes me cringe), if you’ll have me relinquish my ‘Smart’ Women Travelers hat, or if you will give me a second chance to earn my way back to being a Smart Women Traveler!

I’m shaking my head at this experience just thinking about it!

And my husband laughs every time the topic of a massage comes up.

Am I the only one who didn’t know?


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