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Traveling While Eating Gluten Free


When you need (or want) to eat gluten free, you may feel you’ll be doomed to eating fruit and salads around the world, especially when traveling to a non-English speaking part of the world.

We’ve compiled a list of great sources for you to help find restaurants near where you live and where you travel, apps that will help make eating gluten-free easier and most valuable of all, translation cards for you to take on your next international trip.

Websites and Translation Cards

Gluten Free Travel Site – A database where users can read and submit reviews of restaurants’ gluten free menus.

Gluten Free Translation Cards – Download and print off portable cards to help translate your dietary restrictions in to over 60 languages.

Allergy Translation Cards – For those of you with more than one allergy, this site offers customizable cards with over 200 foods in 43 languages.

Celiac Free Cards – 54 translated cards ready to print, available to use for free with a suggested donation.


Find Me Gluten Free – Over 3 million users contribute to this database of restaurant reviews specifically focused to a gluten-free diet. iPhone | Android

The Gluten Free Scanner – Easily scan an item’s package and see what allergens are contained within. iPhone | Android

If you have other go-to sites or apps that help in your gluten-free eating, please share in the comments below.

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