is a community dedicated to women who travel, whether in their career or for enjoyment – women who have unique challenges in balancing dual lives at home and on the road. offers an authentic community infused with quality content from experts on travel, relationships, parenting as a traveling mom, health and fitness on the road, travel tips, and much more.

The site’s interactive features include a message board, blog (see and a wide variety of social networking tools, allowing traveling women around the world to connect, share ideas, and seek advice and support to ease the challenges of travel.  Registered members receive additional features, including an informative and enlightening ezine, and invites to teleseminars where top speakers join the community to offer their pearls of wisdom.

Carol-Margolis-Smart-Women-Travel and were founded by Carol Margolis, a well-traveled consultant, businesswoman and international speaker who has collected countless pearls of travel wisdom over many years. Carol raised two children while being on the road the majority of their childhood, with some of those years as a single parent. She jumped in a plane or car each week with two bags, a load of guilt and very little in the way of a support system. She is sharing her pearls of wisdom learned over many millions of miles to create such a support system for fellow traveling women to ease that load of guilt and help them discover the joy that travel can bring.

Carol is a frequent radio and television guest, writer for various magazines, speaker and author.  She also blogs at the popular, Voices of the Business Traveler.

Carol leads a corporate bootcamp entitled “Business Travel Success” which prepares employees for proficient travels and addresses how to deal with life at home while away.  Carol also offers meeting planners with tip sheets, checklists, travel discounts and more – great for sending out to conference attendees before they travel to make their journeys easier.

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What Travelers Are Saying About Carol Margolis

Carol, love your articles. I have been in travel for 32 years as an
agency owner and tour manager…Love what you write and you are always on
target and informative.

Mary Lou – Travel Agent

Thank you for taking the time to recognize and acknowledge the women of the world who travel as a part of their work. You have managed to include support and suggestions for all of us: Single moms, those with children and husbands that are left behind each week, grandmoms who are still traveling (and there are lots of us) as well as the single women. Thank you for providing a community for the large numbers of women who travel. It helps us all to feel secure and comforted as we are away from home.

Sissy G. – Houston Business Owner

Your travel advice is amazing! Even though I have been an avid traveler all my life and a weekly business traveler for 23 years, I always learn something new from your “Pearls of Travel Wisdom” advice … many time and money saving tips, ideas for making travel easier, safer and more enjoyable, and an expansive array of travel resources. I wish I had access to this information 25 years ago!

Pamela C. – Michigan Sales Executive

Carol Margolis, who has two websites, and, may be the ultimate expert about women on the road. She has traveled frequently on business for more than 25 years and spent more than 100 nights this year in hotels.

Gary Stoller – USA Today

Carol has forgotten more about travel, tips, products and resources than I know!

April H. – Los Angeles Consultant

What a wonderful service you are providing!

Debbie P. – Business Owner

Full of ideas that are of value to many women!

Barbara N. – Business Traveler

Great tips, advice, resources and help to travelers!

Bernadette B. – Entreprenuer

Quite an asset for women travelers.

Beth B. – Travel Writer

I like your travel tips about tipping. That’s very useful. I do appreciate you, regardless of the fact that I’m neither smart nor a woman.

Thanks for the great content!

Martin M. – a guy!

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