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Where to Start to Find the Best Airfare

It’s that time of year when it’s difficult to find reasonable airfares – whether you’re traveling to see family or friends for the holidays or trying to find the lowest cost business travel days. Actually, it’s always difficult to find reasonable airfares! It’s also ...Read More

How to Alleviate Airport Nightmares

You’ve booked your ticket well in advance of the flight; you’ve scheduled meetings around your arrival time, and you’re packed and ready to go. The best laid plans, however, can be interrupted by weather delays, mechanical problems, missing flight crew, and a host of ...Read More

Why TripIt Is a Marriage-Saver

As a business traveling road warrior, you may be a lot like me. When I’m traveling for business my focus is on: Packing Making sure I have all my business materials with me Getting to the airport Getting my rental car Finding my hotel ...Read More

My Next Car Rental Will Be a Maserati!

If you’ve rented a car at a major airport in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed the growing number of signs pointing you to more sporty and more luxurious cars. I’ve marched my suitcase right past these cars the majority of the time, ...Read More

Your Visual Guide to Eating Etiquette Abroad

This is a quick visual guide for your world travels. Get the full experience by learning the customs and culture of the natives. Not to mention, you want to make sure you’re not offending anyone because of your lack of knowledge of the native ...Read More