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Carol’s Interview with Carlson Wagonlit

Carol was recently interviewed by Carlson Wagonlit’s Savvy Traveler where she offers travel tips, her must-have gadgets and her sense of travel Zen. Frequent business travelers, as well as leisure adventurers, may find some helpful pointers. Read the full interview here. ...Read More

ALWAYS Use the “Do Not Disturb” Sign!

I love arriving into a new hotel room, even after years and years of traveling. There’s just something about checking out what a room has to offer that still excites me. Until the other night… … when the first thing I saw at 11:30 ...Read More

Travel Safety Tips from our Readers

Readers of submitted some of their favorite travel safety tips: Sloan said: Make an electronic copy of travel documents and email to an account you can access via the web. Should you lose everything or get it damaged easy access to the web provides ...Read More

Tips for Avoiding Tangles with Taxi Drivers

Do you hail a cab with trepidation? Expect the driver to be surly and seemingly not happy to see a new customer? Dread the moment when you slide onto the seat and look around at the less than sanitary conditions? Have suspicions about the ...Read More

Identity Theft: Closer Than You Think!

A flight attendant skims credit cards stealing $480,000 over a three-year period. How could this happen? She got away with it for so long because passengers failed to check their credit card statements. Are you protecting yourself? Ask yourself these questions. Are you: Using ...Read More

Sneak a Peek into Your Hotel Room – No Way!

Hotel room safety is one of the top areas of concern to women travelers. News stories such as that of Erin Andrews, an ESPN reporter, having video taken of her walking around naked in her hotel room has elevated the concern of hotel safety, ...Read More