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Sights From Hawaii

You take the good with the bad when it comes to business travel. Spending so much time away from my family can be taxing. On the other hand, using my accumulated airline reward miles to take us all on a two week long vacation ...Read More

Travel Journal Tips

Every trip, whether for business or pleasure, has some memorable moments. Whether it’s sights you’ve seen, people you’ve met, foods you’ve eaten or feelings you’ve experienced, there are memories that make each trip unique. How do you remember them all? Journal them! Get your ...Read More

Sights from Oslo: A Quick Visit

Even with business travel, it’s wonderful when you can take some time to explore the city you’re visiting. Not sure what to see or do? There are usually helpful ideas, maps and schedules at these places: Local tourist office Your hotel’s concierge or front ...Read More

Smart Tip for Lessening Your Packing Time

Want to lessen your packing time? Here’s a smart way to arrange your closet that will significantly cut down on the time spent selecting which clothes and jewelry to bring along. Add your tips for smart packing advice in the comment section below. To ...Read More

Smart Women Travelers’ Conditioner Tip

Would you like a tip that could reduce the size of your bag of liquids when you travel? Carol Margolis shows her favorite tip for getting maximum days out of a small bottle of hair conditioner. To receive a free copy of our ebook, ...Read More