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Carol’s most popular topics include:

Easy Ways to Take Care of YOU No Matter What Your Travel Schedule
You wear many hats – businessperson, spouse, parent, sibling, friend, volunteer. Now add ‘traveler’ to that list. With all the demands on your time each day, how many minutes are left to take care of YOU? Learn easy ways to give yourself some attention, even with a busy out of town meeting schedule. Topics include:

  • Turning your hotel room into a first class suite
  • Tips for eating healthy and squeezing in a workout
  • Ahhh! time – ways to relax, unwind and give yourself ‘me’ time (without guilt!)
  • Ways to capture the essence of the city you’re visiting

Discover How to Succeed with Travel When Your Family is at Home

Are you part of the hallway conversations with other traveling women chatting about the challenges of the home front? The kids, the spouse, the pets, the house – all are on your mind (and you’re not fully focused on the purpose of your travels). Learn ways to take care of things at home while you’re away, and leave that extra bag of guilt behind! Topics include:

  • Involving your children in your travels (before, during and after)
  • Easy ways to stay connected with family and friends
  • Tips for bringing your family along on future travels
  • The most important gift you can give yourself on return-home day

Conquering the Carry On

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! You spend as much time getting ready to travel as they do being away! Then you worry about lug- gage getting lost somewhere in that black hole. Learn creative ways to pack smart and have the confidence of arriving with your bag! Topics include:

  • Pack like a pro with a carry-on bag
  • Tricks for a different look each day
  • Tips for traveling with liquids
  • Shoe strategies for the super traveler

Tips, Tools and Tactics of Safe Travel

How often do you find yourself asking “Will I be safe where I’m going?” While the majority of traveling women say that safety is their primary concern while they’re away from home, do their actions really reflect this? Help keep traveling women safe by learning practical “that’s so easy” ways to feel and be safer on the road. Topics include:

  • Smart ways to keep your possessions safe
  • Transportation safety (planes, trains and automobiles)
  • Simple strategies for hotel safety
  • Protecting your home while you are away

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What Travelers Are Saying About Carol Margolis

Thank you for taking the time to recognize and acknowledge the women of the world who travel as a part of their work. You have managed to include support and suggestions for all of us: Single moms, those with children and husbands that are left behind each week, grandmoms who are still traveling (and there are lots of us) as well as the single women. Thank you for providing a community for the large numbers of women who travel. It helps us all to feel secure and comforted as we are away from home.

Sissy G. – Houston Business Owner

Your travel advice is amazing! Even though I have been an avid traveler all my life and a weekly business traveler for 23 years, I always learn something new from your “Pearls of Travel Wisdom” advice … many time and money saving tips, ideas for making travel easier, safer and more enjoyable, and an expansive array of travel resources. I wish I had access to this information 25 years ago!

Pamela C. – Michigan Sales Executive

Carol has forgotten more about travel, tips, products and resources than I know!

April H. – Los Angeles Consultant

What a wonderful service you are providing!

Debbie P. – Business Owner

Full of ideas that are of value to many women!

Barbara N. – Business Traveler

Great tips, advice, resources and help to travelers!

Bernadette B. – Entreprenuer

Quite an asset for women travelers.

Beth B. – Travel Writer

I like your travel tips about tipping. That’s very useful. I do appreciate you, regardless of the fact that I’m neither smart nor a woman.

Thanks for the great content!

Martin M. – a guy!

About Carol

Carol Margolis is a well-traveled businesswoman, wife and mom who has collected countless pearls of travel wisdom over many millions of miles. She is the author of “70 Secrets to Safe Travel” and the forth- coming “Business Travel Success: The Ultimate Road Warrior Guide.”

Carol founded the firm, Smart Women Travelers, Inc., in 2007 to share her secrets on everything from the basics of travel tips to the grittier details of managing relationships, parenting as a traveling mom, find- ing the gadgets best for the road, staying fit and healthy, coping with delays, and dealing with those all-too-familiar scenarios: the missed birthday or play, the home front in serious disarray, and all the other challenges of being away from home – all with the aim to help women enjoy their travels.

Her passionate message focusing on the numerous ways to find joy in travel, put a little glamour back in, and find “A pearl revealed in each and every trip” is so important today in our world of stressful security rules, flight delays and lost luggage.

Carol is an international speaker and consultant. She has appeared as a guest frequently on television and radio including Good Morning America, Great Day Houston and Fox TV. She also has contributed to numerous magazines and newspapers such as USAToday, Wall Street Journal, LATimes, and MSNBC.